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TESORO is a unique decorative coating for interior works that was designed especially for creating interesting and unusual design solutions. This product will perfectly fit classic interiors as well as any ultra-modern space.

To achieve the desired color of TESORO coating just add the selected TESORO TONER dye as well as add metallized pigments TESORO GOLD or TESORO SILVER if necessary to the container of TESORO base.

  • Multi-pattern coating (depending on the application technique)
  • High strength
  • Changes shades depending on the lighting and angle of view (if metallized pigments are used)
  • Repairable
  • Withstands cleaning with detergents
  • Hides defects in surface preparation
  • Consumption: basecoat TESORO – 5-6 m/l (13-15 m/unit) primer TESORO PRIMER – 5-6 m/l (13-15 m/unit)
  • Application: interiors
  • Composition: mineral fillers a nd pigments, acrylic copolymers
  • Medium: water
  • Specific gravity: 1,3 kg/l at t° = 20°Ä
  • Dilution: water up to 10%
  • Packing: primer TESORO PRIMER – 3 l;
  • basecoat TESORO – 2.5 l;
  • dye TESORO TONER – 75 ml; metallized
  • pigment TESORO GOLD/SILVER – 250 ml
  • Storage: 18 months at t from 5°Ä to 30°Ä
Application Technology:
  • Apply special primer TESORO PRIMER (fig. 1) on the prepared surface. Wait until it is completely dry (4-5 h).
  • To achieve the color that was previously selected from the catalog, according to the recipe, you need to add the selected colorant TESORO TONER (75 ml) to TESORO decorative coating base (2.5 l), and add metallised pigment TESORO GOLD or TESORO

  • SILVER (250 mL) to obtain gold or silver shimmer respectively. Gently stir the decorative coating.
  • IMPORTANT: do not use an electric mixer for stirring so as not to shatter the structure of the material.
  • Apply TESORO using a flat wide shortened brush crosswise downward randomly spreading the product over the entire surface (fig. 2).

  • Press the pigmented flakes lightly using metallic bevel by making multi-directional or circular movements and distribute the flakes over the surface when moisture is stabilized little (after 10-15 min.) (fig. 3), thus obtaining the desired decorative effect.
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