Living Room Paint Colors for Homeowners and Renters

Whether you're eager to rejuvenate your living space as a homeowner or seeking to personalize your rented abode, our blog post offers valuable insights and inspiration.

We understand the importance of selecting the perfect paint color. The color of a room sets the mood and ambiance of your living space, and it can also reflect your unique taste and personality. The choice of paint color for your living room isn't just about aesthetics—it's about setting the tone and creating an environment.

What is the Best Color to Paint a Living Room?

You can opt for soft neutrals like beige or gray to create a calming backdrop that complements a wide range of styles. These paint colors are perfect for creating a cozy retreat for quiet evenings. Neutrals and light colors can also help visually expand the space, making it feel larger and more open—an ideal choice for smaller living rooms.

On the other hand, vibrant hues like deep blues or rich greens can inject energy and personality into the room, creating a lively hub for entertaining guests. These bold paint colors can serve as a statement color to reflect personal style and energy. While bold colors can add drama and flair, overly intense hues may feel overwhelming in a space where relaxation and comfort are paramount.

When selecting paint colors, its very important for you to take into account the amount of natural light in the living room. Rooms with ample sunlight can handle darker shades more effectively, as the natural light helps balance out the color and prevent it from feeling overwhelming. Conversely, rooms with limited natural light may benefit from lighter, brighter colors that help reflect and amplify the available light.

Ultimately, the decision to go with a particular paint color depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and the desired atmosphere for the living room. So, if you need to breathe new life into your living room with paint, get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression as you explore the possibilities of living room paint colors!

Living Room Paint Color Ideas


A modern blue-gray paint color that can create a clean slate. It is a versatile and sophisticated color that can be used to create an inviting space. Pair it with light-colored furniture and accessories for a classic look, or add pops of color with brightly colored pillows and throws. Buy Solitude paint online!

First Light

First Light is an airy, romantic pink. It blends the softness of pink with the calming essence of white. In a living room, First Light can envelop the space in a warm and inviting glow, making it ideal for cozy gatherings. For a touch of elegance, pair it with crisp white accents and soft furnishings in neutral tones. Buy First Light paint online!


Smoke is a deep, saturated gray with a slight blue undertone. It's a statement-making color with its chameleon-like ability to shift in different lighting conditions. Use it sparingly as an accent wall to create a focal point or go bold and paint the entire room in this enigmatic shade. Buy Smoke paint online!

White Heron

Sometimes the best living room paint idea is to go with a classic white paint color. White Heron is a classic bright white with the slightest cool cast. It creates a clean and crisp atmosphere, and it complements everything from dark wood furniture to silver and gold accents. Buy White Heron paint online!

Black Ink

Add a touch of dark glamour to your home with an unexpected pop of dramatic color. Black Ink is a deep, sophisticated black hue with subtle undertones of charcoal and navy. Its richness adds drama and depth to any space, making it an excellent choice for living rooms. Buy Black Ink paint online!

Collector's Item

Collector's Item paint color has a soft off-white hue with pink undertones that provides a perfect backdrop for treasures in your home. The pink undertones of this color make it a great choice for a room with a lot of natural light, as it will reflect the light and create a warm and inviting space. Buy Collector's Item paint online!

Soft Fern

Soft Fern is a delicate blend of soft green and gray undertones. It transforms living rooms and is used to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. This paint color works well with natural materials and textures, and it works wonders in spaces with abundant natural light, as it enhances the luminous feel of the room. Buy Soft Fern paint online!

Shaker Beige

Shaker Beige is a warm shade of neutral beige. It exudes comfort, making it perfect for creating cozy interiors. Best used in living rooms, Shaker Beige harmonizes effortlessly with various design styles. Whether used as a wall color, trim, or accent, this adaptable hue brings a touch of understated elegance to the home. Buy Shaker Beige paint online!

Hint of Violet

Hint of Violet is a beautiful lilac color with a cool gray cast that can be used to create an inviting atmosphere for your living room. The purple color with the healthy dose of gray undertones help create a living space that is very cozy. Buy Hint of Violet paint online!

Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is a timeless and versatile shade of beige. It's subtle gray undertones blend effortlessly with a variety of color palettes. It's the perfect balance of beige and gray, making it a sought-after choice for both homeowners and designers. Buy Revere Pewter paint online!

Beach Glass

Beach Glass is a serene and tranquil shade of paint. It is a blend of blue and green, making it ideal for living rooms where serenity is desired. Whether painted on walls, cabinetry, or accents, Beach Glass infuses a space with a refreshing ambiance. It especially complements coastal-inspired decor, pairing nicely with sandy neutrals, crisp whites, and natural textures like rattan or driftwood. Buy Beach Glass paint online!

Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal is a captivating shade of turquoise that can envelope a living room in a calming, refreshing aura. It brings the beauty of the seaside indoors and creates inviting spaces for relaxation and entertaining. Pair it with crisp white trim and natural wood accents, or introduce pops of coral, yellow, and navy for a more vibrant vibe. Buy Aegean Teal paint online!

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