What is the Best Paint Color for a Small Bathroom?

The best paint color for a small bathroom depends on various factors such as personal preferences, lighting conditions, size, layout, and the desired ambiance. Generally speaking, light and neutral colors tend to work best in small bathrooms because they create a sense of spaciousness and brightness.

Whites and Light Colors

Light colors are generally recommended for small spaces as they have the ability to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger, more open space. Soft whites, pale grays, and light pastels are popular choices for this reason. These paint colors can help brighten up the bathroom and make it feel more spacious and airy.

Light Blues and Greens

You can also opt for soft blues and greens that evoke a calming and spa-like ambiance while still maintaining a sense of openness. Use the nature-inspired colors to transform your bathroom into a place of tranquility and relaxation without making it feel too small.

Monochromatic Designs

With a small bathroom it can also help to stick with a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic look can work wonders by visually expanding the space and creating a sense of continuity. By using varying shades of the same color on the walls, floors, and even fixtures, you can blur the lines between different elements and make the room feel more expansive.

Ultimately, the best paint color for a small bathroom is one that achieves a balance between light, space-enhancing qualities, and your personal preferences. With enough search you'll find the color you love!

Paint Color Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you looking for a color that complements the elements of your bathroom, such as the flooring, fixtures, and decor? Do you need a color to optimize space in a very small bathroom?

For your discovery, we have put together a list of paint colors that you can consider using for your small bathroom. This list contains color options for a wide range of preferences. Enjoy!

Sebring White

In a small bathroom, you can opt to keep it light and simple. Sebring White has a very faint gray with just a hint of pigment. It gives the bathroom a soft look with a slight hint of hue without being oppressive. It's very relaxing and elegant. Get Sebring White paint online.

White Dove

A tried-and-true designer favorite, the White Dove paint color is used all over the home. It's an excellent choice for small bathrooms if you're looking to create a serene environment while maximizing a spacious feel. With a light reflectance value of 83.16, it reflects light well and adds dimensions to create a spacious vibe. Get White Dove paint online.

Spring Mint

This light pastel green lends a refreshing feel to a traditional or modern bathroom, and it adds a hint of color without dominating the room. Use it to make the ceilings of a narrow galley-style bathroom feel taller and airier. Get Spring Mint paint online.

Ocean Breeze

A blue-green color paint color with bold hues and airy pastels, Ocean Breeze is loved by homeowners. It's reminiscent of a clear blue sky and serene waters, and it is perfect for small bathrooms. Get Ocean Breeze paint online.

Simply White

This is a go-to paint color for professional designers. Simply White is clean, fresh and has a subtle warm undertone. It's a cheerful, bright white that is perfect for small bathrooms, especially if there is no window to provide ample natural lighting. Get Simply White paint online.

Wickham Gray

This light gray paint color has blue-green undertones that pair very well with natural stone and similar decor. Wickham Gray is perfect for creating a monochromatic look that creates a sense of airiness with a bit of sophistication. Get Wickham Gray paint online.


Bring a sense of brightness to any interior space with this paint color. Mayonnaise has creamy, soft undertones, but it's a surprisingly bright color with a light reflectance value of 88.07. This is a perfect choice for small bathrooms that need a spacious feel. Get Mayonnaise paint online.

Ice Mist

This is a clean shade of white with bright blue undertones that add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Ice Mist is a great choice for those who want to create this type of ambiance while maximizing the feel of a bright and airy space. Get Ice Mist paint online.

Bavarian Cream

A warm, off-white color that is creamy but bright, try this fan favorite. Bavarian Cream reflects light very well and creates a greater sense of openness. It has slight yellow undertones that also add depth to spaces, and the natural hues round out this color as a perfect solution for small bathrooms. Get Bavarian Cream paint online.

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